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Secretly Greatly (artist Hun)

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Secretly Greatly (artist Hun)

Balhae Communication Inc. aims for culture that is themed and lifelike through culture contents' R&D and the company proceed projects from planning original works, which is a core of the project, to publication, movie, drama, animation, character products in collaborations with other enterprises.


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I was born as a dog. For us, we are the "revolutionary warrior," for them, we are a "spy." I was born as dog, and became a monster. The greatest republic's revolutionary monster.
The story revolves around an elite North Korean spy, Won Ryu-hwan living in South Korea.
Through unwavering faith in an environment much different from his home. Living covertly and gloriously for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.



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Webtoon book(publishing)


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2011 KOREA CONTENTS AWARDS Minister of the Ministry of Culture’s prize / film screening


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